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September 2010

Device_art Tokyo Japan

device_art_posterV okviru razstave Device_art v Tokyu sodelujeta tudi dva objekta Boruta Savskega – Okrogla miza in Prenapeta struktura 3 (Ikebana).


Kontejner/Zagreb, Praksa/Ljubljana & sonic space labs/Berlin are proud to present: Device_art 3.010 Croatia_Slovenia_Japan – exhibition, performances, round table

Tokyo / 23 September – 1 October 2010 Miraikan – National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation SuperDeluxe Waseda University Toyama Campus

Artists: Yoshi Akai (JP), Miha Ciglar (SI), Stefan Doepner (DE/SI), Sanela Jahic (SI), Janez Jansa (IT/SI), So Kanno (JP), Ines Krasic (HR), Margareta Lekic (HR), Ivan Marusic Klif (HR), Martina Mezak (HR), Satoshi Morita (JP/DE), Magdalena Pederin (HR), Borut Savski (SI), Saso Sedlacek (SI), Silvio Vujicic (HR).

Device art as a project was initiated independently and serendipitously in Japan and Croatia in 2004, sharing the name but differing in concept. The audience will have the chance to compare these two approaches at the exhibition in Tokyo Miraikan Museum, during the performances in SuperDeluxe and by participating in the round table discussion with the artists and the curators of both projects about the relationship between art, technology and culture, regarding art practice and experience in each cultural context. Croatian Device_art is a triennial international exhibition initiated by the curatorial team KONTEJNER from Zagreb, and organized in collaboration with Slovenian curator Sandra Sajovic.

The first Device_art in 2004 (http://www.kontejner.org/device-art-2004-english) sought to explore projects at the intersection of art, technology and science in Croatia and Slovenia. The exhibition sought to position the work not so much as a high-tech artform but rather the result of those creative tendencies that by their very nature were located on the borders of art-design, gadget-hack, etc. >From conceptual provocations and innovative interfaces to utilitarian products and toy-hacking, the wide range of projects seemed to help explain our relationship to technology and technology’s relationship to art.

The next exhibition in 2006 (http://www.kontejner.org/device-art-2006-english) continued with presenting the regional scene (now with the addition of Serbian production), however this time juxtaposed with the vigorous Californian machine/robotic and maker-art scene. The festival took place in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade and San Francisco. Device_art 3 in 2009 (http://www.kontejner.org/device-art-3009-english) contrasted that of Croatian and Slovenian works with the Japanese Device Art scene along with projects by young artists studying at IAMAS.

This new version, Device_art 3.010 includes a selection of projects by artists practicing in Croatia, Slovenia and Japan, including many presented in previous Device_art exhibitions. The projects included often emphasize a more conceptual approach, rather than machine- or design-oriented. The tendency of hacking and re-using technology is emphasized as well as the humorous, ironic and even absurd characteristics of the works on display.

For more info: http://www.deviceart3010.org/ http://www.kontejner.org/ Download photos: http://www.kontejner.org/press/device_art_japan_2010/

Curators: Kontejner (Olga Majcen Linn, Suncica Ostoic), Satoshi Morita, Sandra Sajovic

Organizers: Kontejner/Zagreb (HR), Praksa/Ljubljana (SI), sonic space labs/Berlin (DE) Round table organizer: Machiko Kusahara

Partners from Tokyo: CREST of Japan Science and Technology Agency, SuperDeluxe, Waseda University

Schedule: 1. Exhibition @ Miraikan (7F CR1) 23 (Thu) – 29 (Wed) September 2010 Opening 23 (Thu) September 2010 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm Sound performance Miha Ciglar (SI) 7:00 pm running until 29 (Wed) September

opening hours 10:30 am – 4:30 pm Device_art 3.010

exhibition: Yoshi Akai (JP), Stefan Doepner (DE/SI), Sanela Jahic (SI), Janez Jansa (IT/SI), So Kanno (JP), Ines Krasic (HR), Margareta Lekic (HR), Ivan Marusic Klif (HR), Martina Mezak (HR), Satoshi Morita (JP/DE), Magdalena Pederin (HR), Borut Savski (SI), Saso Sedlacek (SI), Silvio Vujicic (HR) Miraikan – National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, 2-3-6, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064; Tel: 03 – 3570 – 9151 www.miraikan.jst.go.jp

2. Performances @ SuperDeluxe 27 (Mon) September 2010 open/start 7:00 pm SOUNDROOM / Device_art 3.010: Yoshi Akai (JP), Miha Ciglar (SI), So Kanno (JP) with SOUNDROOM feat. DJs: inu (nonSectRadicals_JP), KUKNACKE (JP), 37A (PANTY_JP) SuperDeluxe, B1F 3-1-25 Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031 Tel: 03 – 5412 – 0515 www.super-deluxe.com Price: adv.1000 JPY door 1500 JPY (plus drink) Reservation: www.super-deluxe.com/2010/9/27

3. Round table @ Waseda University 1 (Fri) October 2010, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm Toyama Campus 33-2 2F CR1 Device_art 3.010 Art & Technology in Croatia_Slovenia_Japan: Hiroo Iwata/Tsukuba University (JP), Machiko Kusahara/Waseda University (JP), Olga Majcen Linn/Kontejner (HR), Suncica Ostoic/Kontejner (HR), Sandra Sajovic/Praksa & Kapelica Gallery (SI), Novmichi Tosa/Maywa Denki (JP) Waseda University Toyama Campus, 1-24-1 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-8050; Tel: 03 – 3203 – 4332 www.hyosho-media.com

The project is supported by: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb City Office for Culture, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia The project is financially supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Croatia.