About us
About Trivia Records
Trivia Records / Zapisi label is located in the so-called "intermedia/multimedia art" area. With the self-hosted multimedia material we would like to overcome the atomization of non-commercial works of art. Numerous important audio and video works are accessible to the audience only for a limited amount of time as art installations, exhibitions or performances to be later »hidden away« on artists' personal computers, and occasionally presented as parts of some festival selection, as shortened versions on web pages, or as exchange material among fellows artists.

Our offer can roughly be divided into three areas: Trivia Audio/Video, Trivia Prints and Trivia Products. The content/message ranges from innovative experimental approaches to social and critical engagement.

About the Publisher
The Trivia Records / Zapisi label is a project of the Trivia Art Association. The main activity of Trivia Art is to create a basis for the artistic work and production of the members and associates - with a focus on contemporary visual and intermedia/ multimedia production. The initiators and main force with the project are Borut Savski in Marija Mojca Pungerčar.

About the web system
Web page (CMS) was devised by Borut Savski and it is the result of a study of necessities and solutions for a universal multimedia web portal - text, images, graphics, sound and video. The basic ideas were the result of experiences with the coding of the old Radia Študent portal based on Nuke CMS, then the a custom simple web interface for creating simple web pages - still the basis of Trivia Art individual project pages, followed by the heavy adaptation of the ProBid system - with comprehensive multiple user solutions. From all these a series of three multimedia web systems were developed - the Trivia Records being the first (2007), DIVA ( the second (2010) and Photon Images as the third (2011-2016). All have some specifics and are not fully compatible. The developer in all cases is Borut Savski.

Authors and Associates
Borut Savski, Artist
Marija Mojca Pungercar, Artist
Sanja Simić, Graphic Designer
Katja Grabnar, Translator

In 2007, the development of the project Trivia Records / Zapisi received a minor financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, from then on it is developed independantly - mainly as a stake by the developer and as stake of the renter of the web domain.
The editions are targeted both at the local and international art markets. We promote them in our net store, in galleries, museums, concert halls and elsewhere.

Texts are always bilingual – in Slovene and English, underlining the fact that the production is rooted in the Slovene contemporary art situation.

Trivia Records editions can have different licensing: Copyright, Creative Commons, Copyleft. The Trivia Records / Zapisi label does not imply only one licensing method.

Trivia Art
Address: Križevniška 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe
T: +386 (0)41 882 593

Tax Number: 48686743
Trivia Art is not subject to VAT.

Bank Account Number: 02010-0254282265 (account at Nova ljubljanska banka NLB d.d., TR 2, Ljubljana)

Registered as business on 18th February 2004. Registered as an association with the Administrative Unit of Ljubljana under the number 3319. Identification Number: 1869841