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Cirkulacija 2 programmes
Interdisciplinary projects
15. Dec. 2013
New web page TURBOREBOP = aggregator
Aggregator means bringing together all there is...
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Most of the items are avaliable directly from the net. They are downloadable and free of charge (the so-called soft objects). The physical products (the so-called hard objects) are available on request for a price. All the prices on the site refer to the physical products.

Personal Request

Call one of the telephone numbers or send an e-mail and purchase the item directly from us.

The service is only available in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Orders can be placed by e-mail or telephone


+386 41 882 593
+386 40 911 069

Post Service / Pay upon receive

The price includes the post & package costs.

You pay when you receive the ordered item by mail.

We will choose the cheapest method of transportation.

Submit your request by email or phone


+386 41 882 593
+386 40 911 069

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