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Rules & regulations

Individual authorship

The sole author keeps all rights over the product and can fully decide about the ways of handling his products that are published on Trivia Records / Zapisi.

At any moment he can remove the product, if this was not previously defined in a personal contract with Trivia Art Association.

Collective authorship (co-authorship)

Trivia Records / Zapisi editions include a number of co-authorships. Publishing of co-authorship productions at Trivia Records / Zapisi is not exclusive. In spite of mainly non-commercial productions, we try to define here the rules for such co-authorships.


Co-authorships must be clearly marked and described in detail, and also the original context of collaborations, so that it reflects the archiving purpose of this site. Re-contextualizations and other forms of appropriations should not appear here.

No-one from the co-authors has the right to sell the rights for mass reproduction and/or any kind other than free of costs distribution of the product without the prior agreement among all the co-authors or in any other way alienate other co-authors from their total access to the work in question.

Anyone of the co-authors has the right for a copy of master of the item concearned and can freely publish and distribute individual copies under the same conditions, as described here. S/he can freely use the existing copies on the web, and provide his/her own contextualization and presentation.

Internet distribution (downloads)?for the archived material and co-authorship is free of charge. For material individual copies distributed by post or in person a price of 10 euro (covering the material costs and cost of labour) plus postage & package costs is presumed.
Hierarchy of co-ownership

1.Author / co-authors
2. Co-producers
3. Publishers (also Trivia Records / Zapisi as publisher)
4. Distribution channels (also Trivia Records / Zapisi as website)

Co-owners are the individuals or collectives (organisations) who in some ways have/had part in production, presentation or distribution of materials in question.?

With the hierarchy we try to achieve the situation, where the lower co-owners cannot alienate the works from the higher co-owners, and to enable the co-authors the free presentation of the works.


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