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Artist: Borut Savski
Title: Stringify - excursions in to the domain of the sound of music
Dates: september 2020, may 2021
Locations: Cirkulacija 2 Ljubljana Slovenia

Lately i am acquiring some finger dexterity again. The victims are some relatively newly developed instruments (turboguitars, turboflutes and cirkulinos). Here is a selection of cutouts from various live situations - mostly as parts of Cirkulacija 2 program - from 2020 onwards. The coutouts are mostly those where I occasionally during improvised sessions force my aesthetics. What aesthetics!?

The aim is to achieve saturation of sound by using the many sources available. Turboflute can loop, cirkulinos can loop, the guitar has a looper too: the density produces opportunity for any sound to enter - melody gives way to spectrum, rhythm becomes ecstatic/ polyrhythmic. Freedom, freedom at last! (Martin Luther King)

Assist project by Alessandro Di Giampietro (7th September 2020) involved a number of performers: Vida Voyage (Sweden), Gino Lucente (Italy), Borut Savski and Boštjan Leskovšek (Slovenia). Their excellent soundtracks are available there. In this one Borut (guitars, looper, turboflute) is joined by Vida and Boštjan at the very end.
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JazzzklubMezzoforte is a weekly multimedia/ intermedia jam-session event all over Ljubljana. Cirku5lacijA was the title one on 13th may 2021. Four hours of improvising... The excerpt features Borut (guitar, looper, cirkulinos and turboflute), Tierno (bass)

Additional pieces will be added as they come.

Borut Savski - Assistant Borut at Assist by Alessandro Di Giampietro (16:54) Download
JazzzklubMFCirku5lacijA - JKMF+C2=Cirku5lacijA with Borut, Tierno, Boštjan, JAka (24:28) Download

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