Various Artists - Sound Biotope (viewed: 50081)

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Basic information
title: Biotope - Sound in transition
performed by : various artists
year of production: 1999-2001

Borut Savski - Pendulum (03:09) Download
Borut Savski - Biotope Zero (03:39) Download
John Grzinich - Bio Wires 1 (08:08) Download
Ludwig Zeininger - Biotope Intervention 1 (08:45) Download
Zoambo Zoet Workestrao - Biotope Intervention 2 (10:52) Download
Borut Savski - Bio Study 1 (08:10) Download
John Grzinich - Bio Wires 2 (09:49) Download
Roger Hayes - Biotope Intervention 3 (05:49) Download
Borut Savski - bonus track: Sound Biotope for AE 1999 (09:52) Download

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About the project
Soundtracks from the Biotope sound installation, concieved by Borut Savski and John Grzinich and performed at Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana (Slovenia) between June 15th and 25th, 1999. The philosophy is linked to some aspects of theories of chaos, thermodynamics and especially the autopoietic theory as they try to present a model of the living
systems - also human.

BIOTOPE was defined as a self-balancing system of multiple microphonies (eight in total) that filled the frequency spectrum of the gallery space. The variations in sound were a combined result of movements of microphones, movements in space, absorbing bodies in the space and sound introduced into space.

In short: the installation system was "listening" to the sound in space (to itself) and translated it to movement. This resulted in changed frequency spectrum of the whole space - the so-called standing waves - I would call it the identity of the space.

Apart from this system autonomy approach, the Biotope was also used as an instrument - on so-called performances. Apart from two authors, performers were also Ludwig Zeininger, Žoambo Žoet Workestrao and Roger Hayes. Here are some excerpts of all the aspects – a lot was lost in translation from the resonating space to this compact form.

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