Borut Savski - my name is Cirkulino and i work on arduino (viewed: 62948)

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Basic Information:

Title: my name is Cirkulino and i work on arduino
Artist: Borut Savski
Description: selection of soundtracks produced with Cirkulino sequencer
Years of production: 2012, 2013
Production: Borut Savski
Project web page:

Savski - Cirkulino1 (11:49) Download
Savski - Cirkulino2 (16:54) Download
Savski - Cirkulino3 (13:20) Download
Savski - Cirkulino5 (13:25) Download
Savski - Cirkulino6 (08:32) Download
Savski - Cirkulino7 (07:16) Download
Savski - Cirkulino8 (13:07) Download
Savski - Cirkulino10 (06:13) Download
Savski - Cirkulino11 (07:44) Download
Savski - Cirkulino12 (11:00) Download
Savski - Cirkulino20 (06:47) Download

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About the project:

this is an on-going repository of some of the most typical soundtracks made with Cirkulino MIDI sequencer. The name suggests that it is part of the arduino paradigm. More on this we evolve elsewhere, but the musical complement is represented here. Started at the end of 2012, this album will go on into 2013. Hardware and software part of the project be also available here - but as a special entity - a product.

MIDI means that that Cirkulino is outputing MIDI data (by way of arduino USB serial connection)- this means that a computer was used as sound generating unit. Ableton Live was used to render the sound.

Further description:

Basically, this is machine music - muzak. The rules are:
- when it is interesting in the sense of music - it is good
- when it becomes boring in the sense of music - it is not good
- when it is ok as the background sounds but not demanding focus from a human - it is good
- when the background sounds become nerve-wrecking - it is not good

When ouside of synchro - the events should form up to correspond somehow to nature - the background sounds like rain, wind in the leaves, waves at the sea - these are clearly relaxing for our mind and body.

When in the synchro - it should be the music: demanding attention, body movement, action - not relaxation. 

My guess is that random events (the "not clock", "not synchro" = "not music") add very much to this sense of liveliness.

An interesting thing about relative in-sinchro - with some dose of melodic 12 tone random selection and some random rhytmic patterns - there comes the "jazzy" feeling. I call this "turborebop" - as it souns like bebop - a bit hard but still nicely swinging stuff (the bass is walking...). Use it as metronome for your jazz improvisations! After all - jazz is today pretty much mainstream stuff.