Borut Savski - The Secret Life of Blobs (viewed: 92219, purchased: 1)

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Title: Secret Life of Blobs
Author: Borut Savski
Year of production: 2000, 2001

The album is to be downloaded and self made. If somebody wants to order a copy, we can burn it as CDR and print the labels. This is not free anymore.

Borut Savski - Sniffing Blob (04:15) Download
Borut Savski - Blob's Decisions (09:53) Download
Borut Savski - Sheblob (08:39) Download
Borut Savski - Blob Activity (03:41) Download
Borut Savski - Blobs Sinfonietta (08:45) Download
Borut Savski - Blobs Questions (04:49) Download
Borut Savski - Blob in Heat (05:32) Download
Borut Savski - Hungry Blob (Angry Blob) (11:28) Download
Borut Savski - Blob Shuffle (05:20) Download
Borut Savski - No-name Blob (12:26) Download

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Blobs are short-lived sound creatures (ok, some are 16 bit high), which reproduce in synthetic environment & in real time, but their modus of expression comes from being able to be anywhere (on the time & frequency scale) at any time. It is a synthetic biotope, where the musical (the aesthetic) quality gives way for something more close to a kind of communication. To speak and be heard - to listen and be silent.

The piece Blob Sinfonietta was performed live as a radio mix at Radio Student Ljubljana on the 2nd of April 2001, during a radio show called Heavy Weather.

The concept

The greatest achievement of nature is the economy with which it produces and sustains life forms. Each and every individual receives a certain autonomy of existence, even intelligence - which is at the root of autonomy, but maybe just for a reason that life itself is perpetuated. In other words - individuals must find their own reason=motive to move in place&time. By doing so succesfully - they fulfill their role. Then others come to do the same. Stopping the process is only possible with destruction of ALL the autonomous individuals, or the autonomy itself?

Looking from the other side - the organisation of individual alive specimen is such that it already holds information of the whole in its building parts - the genes in each cell. I believe that the spiritual world=mind functions in the same manner. We can only think in logic structures - we always define none other but logic structures. True - logic is a very elastic apparatus - it gives wildly different results. But we are destined to think and "make the world" - to produce reason and motive.

With this logic I approach the sound structures - a couple of individual sound forms, autonomous, yet tightly inter-related. It does not have to be art-form that comes out, but it must show dynamics or some other sort of liveliness. It is quite easy for a human to add aesthetics to it. Co-existence of sounds can be beautiful. Not that it is easy to impress just anybody with The Secrets Life of Blobs.