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Milan Kristl - Bandura Kejti in Ti Audio Video > Music (viewed: 108456)

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author: Milan Kristl
title: Bandura Kejti in Ti
production: Milan Kristl and Boštjan Leskovšek, 2003/04

Milan Kristl - Bandura-KEJTI in TI (32:40) Download
Milan Kristl - InTI (39:09) Download
Milan Kristl - InJaz (08:08) Download
Milan Kristl - VemNe (24:20) Download
Milan Kristl - BiBi kalimba (37:57) Download
Milan Kristl - Zaza kalimba (46:17) Download

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Bandura Kejti in Ti is a solo album by Milan Kristl.
Instruments used: bandura and kalimba.