Expanded Cirkulacija 2 - Cirkulacija 2 at Sajeta 2010 (viewed: 53787)

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Title: Expanded Cirkulacija 2 at Sajeta 2010

Authors, participants: Boštjan Leskovšek, Borut Savski, Stefan Doepner, Neven Korda, Monika Glahn, Milan Kristl, Marko Gabrijelčič, Iva Tratnik, Elisa Ulian and others

Production: 2010 (Boštjan Leskovšek and Borut Savski)

Photos by: Boštjan Leskovšek, Milan Kristl, Marko Gabrijelčič, Borut Savski,…

The series of “total platforms” of Cirkulacija 2 is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia.


Cirkulacija 2 - 1_Sreda0 (10:46) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 2_Sreda1 (34:32) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 3_Cetrtek0 (16:58) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 4_Cetrtek1 (33:10) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 5_Cetrtek2 (46:42) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 7_Petek1A (32:35) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 8_Petek2 (39:21) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 10_Petek4 (21:14) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 11_Sobota0 (15:34) Download
Cirkulacija 2 - 12_Sobota1 (07:04) Download

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This was the first official “total art” event as defined by Cirkulacija 2 initiative at the end of 2009/ beginning of 2010. Will continue regularly for the next four years. The plan is basically: three week long events per year with international crew - variable in individuals - of around five core and additional 5 to 10 people. It is a continuation of previous events - starting from 2006 (Intermediate Spaces festival) and going on from then on progressively - the previous event at Alkatraz gallery Ljubljana was already defined as a “total event”.

The initiative Cirkulacija 2 in the week of 27. - 31st July 2010 for the third time took part of the new music festival Sajeta near Tolmin. The program of the festival can be observed at

You can watch the multimedia archives at

In accordance to the newly established doctrine of the total art - meaning especially the establishment and the functioning of the platform on all possible stages - the actions and activities are branching far and encompassing new-media approaches, music, video, sound, discussions, self-organisation on all levels, cooperation and communication and participation among the present and other participants and the organisers of the festival. One could say that the functionality is introduced - but not servility. Adaptability to ever-changing real-time situations and needs is in the focus. All the described forms - some of them clearly identifined as art - some not - are there as potentiallities - they can happen or not. The new slogan is: the platform is the art piece!

These were the basic ideas for cooperation of Cirkulacija 2 at the Sajeta 2010 festival:

Inner core crew of Cirkulacija 2 at Sajeta were these individuals: Stefan Doepner, Boštjan Leskovšek, Borut Savski, Monika Glahn (Berlin) and Neven Korda. These were the recepients of (symbolic) honorariums. Their responsability was to keep the platform up and going.

1. We arrived on monday, 26th of july, raising up the tent-laboratorium kindly obtained by Projekt Atol - the mini Makrolab - at the last year’s location, plus the additional construction - baldahin - as the little stage. Transport was performed by Kooperativa from ex-Rog factory and some additional individuals. The lab was ready by the end of the day.

2. Cirkulacija 2 had a performance at their little stage location on thursday, 29th july at 21.30. A multimedia situation was created with 3 projections (Neven, Borut, Monika, Boštjan), three main electronic sounds sources (Stefan, Boštjan, Borut), a vocalist (Iva Tratnik) and acoustic musician (Milan). Additional to that was a concert performance by Bogdana Herman and Borut Savski - Newly composed slovene folk songs - on wednesday, 28th of July. More here… . Bogdana Herman appeared last year as part of Cirkulacija 2 performance at Sajeta, other collabortations with some of the same people are within the project group Etnobanda (

3. There were some other ideas how some of the Cirkulants could take part in everydays’ concerts - like providing the live VJ-ing - but this did not happen. It remains an idea from a year back - to be realized at some event in the future. Neven Korda performed his video workshops in the space of C2 lab and the results of it were shown on the last day of the festival - on saturday, 31st July.