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Milan Kristl - Badura Audio Video > Music (viewed: 100227)

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Title: Milan Kristl - Badura
Author: Milan Kristl
Production: Boštjan Leskovšek and Milan Kristl, 2004

Milan Kristl - Ne vem (47:33) Download
Milan Kristl - Mama Kokla v Grand Kanjonu (35:56) Download
Milan Kristl - Ata na Vrata (16:16) Download
Milan Kristl - Veter (36:53) Download
Milan Kristl - BambiDodo (40:13) Download

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About the album

Milan Kristl plays various instruments, mostly as endless improvisations. So: it is about timelessness - the moment itself.

The varoius instruments used (bandura, various flutes) he held for the first time about a day before this recordings.

In the piece BambiDodo Boštjan Leskovšek ROR joins in - together they also produced this album.

Piece Mama Kokla v Grand Kanjonu (Mother Hen in Grand Canyon) is collaboration with Borut Kržišnik.

Most instruments were kindly provided by Matjaž Weingerl.

Milan Kristl
Boštjan Leskovšek ROR
Borut Kržišnik