Cirkulacija 2 - at XL experiment 2009 (ogledov: 41637)

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Avtorji: Cirkulacija 2 (Boštjan Leskovšek, Stefan Doepner, Borut Savski, Ksenija Čerče, Milan Kristl in Majda Gregorič) ter Radio Helsinki Graz (Reni Hofmueller, Jogi Hofmuller, Martin Schitter, Gernot Tutner, Max ...)

Naslov: at XL Experiment 2009

Posnetek intermedijskega dogodka v sklopu tedna XL Experiment Radia Študent, dne 08.05.2009 v Galeriji Kapelica

Produkcija: 2010


Cirkulacija 2 - Cirkulacija part1 (46:18) Pretoči
Cirkulacija 2 - Cirkulacija part2 (23:36) Pretoči
Cirkulacija 2 - Cirkulacija part3 (39:53) Pretoči
Cirkulacija 2 - Cirkulacija part4 (13:17) Pretoči
XL eksperiment C2 video (25:02) Pretoči

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May 7th 2009: Cirkulacija 2 crew (at that moment Boštjan Leskovšek, Ksenija Čerče, Milan Kristl, Stefan Doepner and Borut Savski) appeared at Radio Student’s celebration of the 40th birthday (XL) that took place for a whole week at Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana. We performed an intermedia/ multimedia event with streaming internet audio connection to Radio Student Ljubljana/ Slovenia and Radio Helsinki Graz/ Austria. Both mixdowns were independent and regulated at will. These are excerpts from the Kapelica gallery/ Radio Student mixdown.

XL experiment:
produced by Radio Student Ljubljana
chiefs of production:
Bojan Andjelković and Borut Savski

Post-festum archives at DIVA (Digital Video Archives) http://www.e-arhiv.org/diva/index.php?opt=work&id=843

For Cirkulacija 2 this was the first from the Prototype 11 series of events that took place in 2009. Prototype 11 series of events was introducing the topics of self-organization, self-production, anti-hierarchical social structuring, principles of re-invention, international collaboration and deepening of networking, affirming the broader understanding of "open-source-code”, "do-it-yourself”, "creative-commons” principles and looking into term "techno-progressivism” - as opposed to technofobia and technofilia stands.

Cirkulacija 2 is an art and social initiative bringing together the fields and practices of contemporary art activities. It is defined as an interdisciplinary station of contemporary technology related art production carrying into effect both the production and the presentation of contemporary art. It is a model ("a prototype”) bound to transgress the inherently conventional (”hard-coded”) museum & gallery practices of art presentations. Instead of exhibitions it promotes live social events ("happenings”) and tries to maintain an idea of art and discourse as alive and moving.

The question of a collective dynamics is at the root of Cirkulacija 2 events. How does a group of individualistic, well-formed international artists and curators of different specialties share and create the various aspects of "common grounds/ space/ sense”? Only intelligent behavior ("the sense”) provides the answer and as such it is an anti-hierarchical social experiment.

The production of Prototype 11 series was made possible with the financial help of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia.