Borut Savski - Analogic event generator (viewed: 73796)
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author: Borut Savski
title: Analogic event generator

podrobnosti sledijo v kratkem

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Serializer is the result of about one-year long occasional thinking, how to achieve for analogue robots / mechanisms (also for sound, image, light, etc) a relatively random acting but which is still somehow directly linked to sensing the surroundings. Most of the pseudo-random genreators are out since they act independently and are as "dead" as the machine whicjh has a simple direct reactive (/ linear responsiveness. One could say that I needed a non-linearly responsive mechanism, that would animate a machine. 

The solution was: two counters in parallel, made of two decade shift registers - that act as counters of events  from two sensor sources (sound or IR) and additional gate to compare the states of two counters and produce a resultant event, when the two counters conform. With some possibility of "programming" through the DIP-switches.

The system was used succesfully on these objects - cybernetic structures:

Bowlfuls of sound at Ars Electronica 2008 in Linz/ Austria 

Strained Structure "Bitje - Being" 2009 at Device Art 2009 exhibition in Zagreb/Croatia

How to make your own printed circuit boards:

or this one-of simple system with inkjet printer