Borut Savski - Audio frequencies as joystick control signals (viewed: 70111)
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author: Borut Savski
title: Four bandpass active audio frequency filters to control a joystick

A coproduction with DUM.

On the photo left one can see a boxed circuit. We receive the audio signal through the cinch input, from where it gets distributed to the four pcb inputs (the circuit is a simple quadruple version of the basic active filter). For the correct plus and minus voltages we have a power supply made from 7809 stabilizer and a resistor that defines the correct negative voltage needed for the joystick controller. Better photographs will follow.

The video of dancing balloons can be seen here:

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Electronic circuit was made for a project of Vadim Fishkin, to control the 3D choreography of two balloons by means of one audio channel (left-right and up-down) - according to the music recorderd on the other audio channel of a cd. For this we used four separate audio frequencies.