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Problemloss Orchestra - Live in EU Audio Video > Music (viewed: 76248)

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Authors: Problemloss Orchestra (Borut Savski, Matjaž Manček, Luka Prinčič)
Title: Live in EU
Genre: experimental sound and music project
Years of production: 2005, 2006

Berlin performance video clip (Neven Korda) (05:46) Download
Problemloss - Live in Ljubljana Kapelica 1 (09:27) Download
Problemloss - Live in Ljubljana Kapelica 4 (05:25) Download
Problemloss - Live in Ljubljana Moderna 1 (03:29) Download
Problemloss - Live in Ljubljana Moderna 4 (09:19) Download
Problemloss - Live in Monfalcone 1 (08:57) Download
Problemloss - Live in Monfalcone 4 (11:36) Download
Problemloss - Live in Vienna 1 (07:30) Download

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Problemloss Orchestra (PMS; Prinčič, Manček, Savski) dealt with the interweaving of sound identities/entities into a sound stream - the sound drama, that always emerges, when something is put onto the timeline. We did not preoccupate ourselves with details of dramatic content - except during the performences. Therefore: live improvisation. The point was discriminating the real-time (a live performence) and the constructed time - the time of preparation (the composition, the building). The latter exists, of course, but in a different way.

We approach the composition in different ways: by building sound interfaces. These can be mechanic, electronic, electric (mechatronic), computer - and all present their own identity (a kind of dynamic inertia, or: their own algoritmic structure). All comes together in an abstract layer called sound, where every one of the performers only vaguely directs his own "alienated representations" (=sounds). Alienated in the sense of relative remoteness of the musical input - the "playing". This method allows for a remote (and more credible) view on the time passing by - the dramaturgy.


- Kapelica gallery Ljubljana, maj 2005 (with Petra Tihole)
- Modern gallery Ljubljana, september 2005
- Dobbia Monfalcone / Italy, march 2006
- Berlin / Germany, may 2006 (Manček and Savski)
- Club 5 in Vienna / Austria, june 2006
- ESC gallery Graz / Austria, september 2006