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Title: Umetnost lovljenja ravnoteĹžja
Author: Borut Savski
Year: 2006 / 2007
Format: printed as a cd or dvd booklet
Language: English and Slovene


This booklet is not sold or sent separately - it can be a part of any of the author's cds or dvds.

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First edition of "religious" texts by Borut Savski conceptualizing the motivation behind sensorized objects: Dancer, Bowlfuls and Reflectors. With the principles of self-motivation (self-creation) by sensing the surroundings and self I touch the fields of cybernetics and autopoiesis, through metaphorical derivations of meanings also the psychoanalysis.

The principle of associative writing could be called pseudo religion, because it is all the time about the undersdtanding of human cognitive and behaviorial attributes. In some ways very anthropocentric - but still an effort for a more remote perspective.

In preparation is a .pdf of an essay entitled "Machine as Metaphore" (2001 / 2002).