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Markus Nix - UND NICHTS ZU VERSCHULDEN Audio Video (viewed: 38970)

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Author: Markus Nix
Year of production: 1998
Context: Ministry of experiment
Material used: public archives of Ministry of experiment and documentary soundtracks from the 70s

Markus Nix - ... UND NICHTS ZU VERSCHULDEN (36:19) Download

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Very interesting production, based on activities of Ministry of experiment. Markus Nix used publicly available soundtracks from Ministry of experiment net sessions in 1997/98 to produce a storyline concearning the political situation at the end of 70s in Germany (and Italy) - namely: the Red Army fraction (RAF) .

Apparently, to Markus, the radical outcome (the end?) of the (ultra) left wing movement in Europe at the end of 70s and the artistic / activist movement in 1997 had something in common.