Reni Hofmueller, Jogi Hofmueller, Katarina Pejović, Borut Savski - Grazer Walzer (viewed: 38155)

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Title: Grazer Walzer
Authors: Reni Hofmueller, Jogi Hofmueller, Katarina Pejović and Borut Savski
Year of production: 1998
Context: Ministry of experiment

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Another production of Ministry of experiment, a non-formal media platform / initiative at Radio Student Ljubljana.

Grazer Walzer is a live on-air improvisation performed collectively by Reni Hofmueller, Jogi Hofmueller (Graz / Austria), Katarina Pejović (at that time in Ljubljana / Slovenia) and Borut Savski (Ljubljana) in the Fall of 1998 at Radio Student. The instruments used were those available in the MZX room: a PC computer, a Macintosh computer, a record player and a microphone.

Within the context of Ministry's activities (up to that point mainly remote internet streaming media collaborations), this was one of the first occasions of meeting in person - a kind of "bringing it back home" to the physical world of collaborations / relations that have remained until this date.

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