Borut Savski - Solos & Duos (viewed: 69826)

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title: Solos & Duos
author: Borut Savski
years of productions: 2006-2010

Borut Savski - Music is Dead - Long Live the Music (26:39) Download
Borut Savski - video: Music is Dead - Long Live the Music (13:52)
Borut Savski & Milan Kristl - Analogic composition (43:50) Download
video: Analogic Composition (04:29) Download
Borut Savski - Solo at Intermediate Spaces Graz 2006 (23:05) Download
Borut Savski - C2_Afterhours (11:15) Download

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Music is Dead - Long Live the Music!
is a recording of a live performance by Borut Savski that took place at Jakopičeva galerija in Ljubljana on 27th september 2010 in a series of Sound Explicit events produced by P74 association. The occasion was also used to fullfill the agreement with art Radio Cona to produce a new piece of electronic music. Video documentation by Bostjan Leskovsek.

The approach was a basic functionality & relationship of sound and the generated video. Video was a combination of three transparent layers modulated (=zoomed & rotated) by the generated two channel sinusoidal low frequency sounds. High frequencies were added by residual switching noises produced on the chopping of low frequencies. The rotation and zooming of the three visual layers produced moire effects - driven by sound itself. Sound as a tool to produce visuals. Superposition of multiple two-dimensional layers to produce an idea/ a glimpse of three-dimensional object - the body. The tools used were Pure Data and GEM with arduino controller interface.

Analogic Composition
is a collaboration with Milan Kristl - he playing the analog instruments and Borut Savski was playing the computer with some special sensorized electronics - called "analogic sequencer". It basically receives trigger data from two kinds of sensors (IR and microphone) and outputs a resultant trigger pulse from a specific combination of separately counted pulses of the two sensors. Result is a kind of sequence of pulses with a bit complex (=unpredictable) combined relation to original triggers. This is usually used in my "autonomuos" robotic objects.

Again it was a performance to produce a new electronic music piece for art Radio Cona. Performed at Cirkulacija 2 place at Rog factory in Ljubljana on 6th november 2009. Video documentation by Bostjan Leskovsek and MC Brane.

Solo at Intermediate Spaces Graz is a solo after-hours playing at ESC Graz gallery during Intermediate Spaces festival on 30th september 2006. Played by hand on computer keyboard using a special patch, that provides unpredictable sounds depending on combination and duration of the keys pressed.

C2_Afterhours is another solo after-hours playing - this time on 25th of May 2011 at an evening at Cirkulacija 2. The basis of composition is from another collaboration - Newly-composed Slovene Folk Songs with Bogdana Herman.