Borut Savski - Random Activities (viewed: 73386)

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Title: Random Activities
Author: Borut Savski
Year of production: 2000, 2001

Borut Savski - Activity 1 (04:53) Download
Borut Savski - Activity 2 (06:24) Download
Borut Savski - Activity 3 (07:32) Download
Borut Savski - Activity 4 (03:35) Download
Borut Savski - Activity 5 (10:45) Download
Borut Savski - Activity 6 (11:16) Download
Borut Savski - Activity 7 (03:28) Download
Borut Savski - Activity 8 (05:38) Download

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Random Activities are studies of a special way of computer music production, that try to use to the maximum extent the machine's ability to manipulate data. While the computer is pushed to the edge of it's computing power, the sound nevertheless remains quite rythmical. As we know - the rhythm is the basis of music. Sound events coming from such a system seem very rich in differences - it even looks like the computer takes time to "think" over, before it actually plays an event.

Algoritmic music is still relatively new and unexplored territory, but on the other side it looks like it is already becoming a dead end, at least in academic circles. Music (and video) productions from this area are extremely rare. Maybe this is the consequence of unconscious fears of technology bursting into this most cherished territory - the creativity.

Machines can be tools and tools only but humans can also be creators. Again the question of who is God.