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Title: Midi Sinfonietta
Subtitle: A Story of the Fatal Voyage
Author: Borut Savski
Year of production: 1997

All pieces were created on Amiga 500 computer with dr.T's KCS Level II software and mixed down on a PC.

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Made & mixed by Borut Savski from fragments of algoritmic studies to show how a story / dramaturgy is created just by sequencing / serializing something into a timeline. Any story / drama then becomes suitable. In this case it is the fate of the Titanic. It is a question of mimesis (representation) versus poesis (creation) and also the question of concrete versus abstract story.

Artwork belongs to another time - it is an "objet trouve" (a found object). It is the artwork of a very similar approach by a composer (Ino. Thomas), who took the same mythic story (the original title is: A Story of the Fatal Voyage) and added the (music) timeline. The ship Titanic sank in the year of 1912, after striking an iceberg. Her fate immediately entered the popular mind in the manner that today (mostly) does not work anymore. An interesting piece of information is another composition by the same composer: The Ride in the Airship, as it shows the special way of fascination with the coming technology - still present at the very beginning of the modern time. Fascination is formed into a myth (a simplified, linear truth).

Maybe in the last years the only thing similar in approach are the events around the (mythic?) September 11th, 2001.