Borut Savski - Sisters Karamazov (viewed: 109798, purchased: 6)

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Price: 10.00 / piece
Available 194 pieces
Year of production: 2006, 2007
Catalogue number: KUDT CD 001
Batch: 200
Production of cd: KUD Trivia
Produkcija of music: DUM

List of compositions:

Borut Savski - The Bells (05:07) Download
Borut Savski - Virpi's Song (03:49) Download
Savski - Katja's Song (06:28) Download
Savski - Whispers (04:48) Download
Savski - Time = Money (06:53) Download
Savski - Streaming (03:12) Download
Savski - Photo Intro (01:57) Download
Savski - Photo Session (05:45) Download
Savski - Macarena (07:49) Download
Savski - Dionysiac (07:19) Download
Savski - Bacchanalia (05:21) Download
Savski - Noise Rhythm (06:03) Download
Savski - Body Decisions (04:55) Download
Savski - Determination (03:52) Download

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Music  for dance performance "Brothers Karamazov - volume 1"

Idea & overall choreography : Mateja Bučar

Premiere: 20., 21., 22 December 2006 , Ljubljana, Slovenia /8., 9. May 2007 Festival Fabbrica Europa, Firence. Check the homepage.


Music is produced in a rhytmic style, a kind of free techno. Of course, since it originates exclusively from the computer. It is also algoritmic, meaning that the author left much of the parameters to the decision of the computer program. The roots of such approach lead to around 1996. There are some other such “historic” productions. All things told - the author did play one song directly on the computer keyboard.

Cd Sisters Karamazov is sometimes accompanied by an essey entitled The Art of Balancing. In it Borut Savski collected some newer ideas and thoughts from the last two years. The essay is written in an associative style and does not stop at the borders of expert knowledge and genres. Very much alike to the music on this cd.

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