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Marija Mojca Pungercar started the How Has Art History Changed book in 1999, during her study of visual arts in U.S.A. She was stimulated to do this project by the confrontation with American art history and her own experience being an international student and artist.
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Strained Structures poster is a complement of dynamic interactive sculptures that are built along the principles of "strained structures".
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The Dancer Suite poster is a compilation of texts and images that belong to the same path of exploration in aristic work of Borut Savski. Presented in one place, one can have a look at the consecutive line of thought in building the autonomous moving objects (called: the metaphoric objects).
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Electric Jesus poster is selection of texts tha came to life while building the meta-religious interactive crosses. From the rich, but totally mystified area of religion, the author Borut Savski drew some wild conclusions.
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The picture book of the compressed Pocket-sized State of Scarecrows and the introducing of a new brand name: contemporary career artist Milena Kosec - PERSONAL. Test version 0.1 angl.
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This poster presents most ideas and description that led to creation of the Round Table. It was built as something "radiophonic" and presented first by the author Borut Savski at Kunstradio program on ÖRF / Austria. It was later exhibited in Modern gallery in Ljubljana - together with this descriptive poster.
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Subtitle: In Search of Closed Textile Factories in Slovenia. The digital edition of the printed edition from 2003. Author Marija Mojca Pungerčar. The booklet with the selected memories from Slovenian textile tradition.
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First edition of "religious" texts by Borut Savski conceptualizing the motivation behind sensorized objects.
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