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Is Capitalism Eternal?

An appeal for a comprehensive reflection and action for a peaceful transition to a new social and economic system

The world is teeming with numerous new initiatives, powerless protests, the despair of the oppressed nations, and the wrath of the impoverished. However, all of these address partial issues that cannot be solved within the existing social order. At the same time, the creators of new technologies are changing the society, and we are unknowingly pushed into a new economic order. Is humanity capable of co-creating the emerging changes in such a way that it would survive and live in a human- and nature-friendly environment without the unnecessary material things and false needs, and start developing spiritual capabilities inherent to the human being again? Or will humanity fall blindly into these new conditions as it had done before every time new technologies emerged and gained ground? After that there is no turning back.

The true challenges of the world today in the short term are:

- How to stop the accelerated continuous production of countless new more or less worthless products (which includes everything from inventing new financial instruments to the so-called clean generation of energy)

- How to strip the military sector of its decisive influence on research and development of (new) technologies

- How to stay alive in the process, survive economically, and remain human.

And yet, all of this will not be enough because the change of the social order is already well under way.

Are we, all of us together, capable of thinking aloud about new alternatives and selecting the best one?

An open world online platform – a joint space for finding, collecting and testing suggestions, as well as for an exchange of ideas and opinions on possible new economic systems, could be an appropriate and effective tool for modelling an optimal system, or could at least make humanity aware of the true issues.

New economic and social models that can be envisioned by visionaries (humanists, economists, artists, scientists), as well as the young (for example through student competitions), of great courage and daring should all be given equal consideration, and then the best solutions for forming a society that would be more friendly to each and every individual and to each and every community should be selected. Because we know that only such a society would not cause wars (what destroys all living and non-living things more thoroughly than war?) and other tensions, leaving aside the importance of preserving animals, vegetation and the planet as a whole.

We are passing the idea above to you in the hope that you will help spread it further, so that it reaches those who will feel called upon and capable to develop it further and make it a reality, and in this way make it possible for all of us to escape the vicious circle of the present economic and social situation.

If we want a better future for us and our descendants, we must face the reality and demand the solution of the root of the problem. And everyone of us should take part in this constructively to the best of their abilities. We can take a humane step into a new society together or else we will be pushed into circumstances that will be increasingly less adapted to the human being and humanity.

There is most definitely enough knowledge and power in the world to seize this unique historic opportunity to steer human history towards a more human- and nature-friendly future.

Ljubljana , 10 January 2020                                                                 milena kosec with supporters

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