Aestetic Machines

Sonic Point of View

ound in transition

Sound Biotope

Sound As Metaphore (2004)

Oracle (2004)

Dancer (2005)

Bowlfulls of Sound(2005)

Electric Jesus 2

Problemloss Orchestra (2006


Sisters Karamazov (2006)


Strained structures (2008-2013)


Tree of Life

Novoljudske pesmi | Newcomposed folk Songs (2010-2013)









some technology

collaborative works

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"interfaces" webpage by Borut Savski, describing my activities in the domains of sound, electronics, mechanics, etc...

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This is The Interfaces web interface by Borut Savski from 1997, check also TRIVIA ART , CIRKULACIJA 2, MINISTRY OF EXPERIMENT, ABSURDEVIDENCE, RADIO STUDENT domains ...