Participants from Ljubljana to Graz:
/… in order of appearance…/

Borut Savski (

Marija Mojca Pungerčar (

Stefan Doepner (

Luka Prinčič ( dj, sound artist, open source programmer

Matja Manček ( musician, organizer, networker

Boštjan Leskovšek – ROR ( sound artist

Chiron Morpeus ( designer, part time prophet – will be present telematically…

Dunja Kukovec (organizer and curator of art_mix_social_open_source events )

Keka Ćalić (videoartist)

Milena Kosec ( – conceptual artist

Nada Žgank (photographer)

Irena Tomažin (vocalist, dance performer)

Neven Korda ( (video artist)

And the participants from Graz (or wider…)

Ursula Kiesling and Maki Stolberg recently founded an institute to do research on conditions of work; ursula is a writer/poet and visual artist, maki is visual artist, and they mostly founded this institute to create a frame in which to work; they will probably set up some sort of office and debate center here;

Seppo Gruendler and Karl Stocker work under the title: “power point panic” where they do a lecture/improvised music combination on most different topics; they started with this at esc and have until now realized 3 of them;
Karl Stocker, born in 1956, degrees in History and Ethnology 1981, since 1983 lecturer at Karl Franzens University in Graz, qualification as a professor in 1988, founder and leader of BISDATO in 1990, 1996/97 guest professor at the department of Urban and Landscape Planning at the University in Kassel, professor for Information Design at the University of Applied Science FH JOANNEUM in Graz since 2000, head of department for Information Design since 2004, head of department of Exhibition and Museum Studies since 2006.
Seppo Gruendler, 1956-?, graz, austria, musician, composer, thinker; see:
- instruments: guitar, computer, electronics – strategy: structured improvising – works: live, theatre, film, sound-installations – day job: teaching sounddesign at FH Joanneum Graz

Miriam Raggam
young visual artist, joined esc for a year and is also involved in radio; i met her because she participated in a workshop i gave a few years ago; ” i dont have a really defined method of working, i like pads to scribble and when a theme suggests itsels, i or we (i really like working with others) think about what and how to transport it. so (hopefully) the technical method is often differently.
yet i worked with media and installations most of the times… but that might change.”

Gerhild Steinbuch
born 1983 in Múdling, lives in Vienna. Writes sometimes prose (Bachmannpreis 2005) but mostly plays: Nach dem glűcklichen Tag (2004, Theater Graz/Steirischer Herbst), schlafengehn (2006, Schauspiel Essen), kopftot (2006, Staatstheater Mainz). Developing a character always starts with sounds that later turn into a certain use of grammar in one’s language.

Renate Mihatsch

Nicole A Pruckermayr & IOhannes m zmoelnig -
media artists, dealing a lot with free software
they are working on the development of a new browserinterface;
Nicole Pruckermayr : “I have no preferred medium for my work, it depends on the issue. My favourite topics of works are: construction of gendered sex, dealing with space (virtual, actual). I like to work frequently together with IOhannes m zmoelnig.”
IOhannes m zmoelnig is engaged with media/net/code-art Developer and active member of the OpenSource/FreeSoftware community likes to live and work together with Nicole Pruckermayr and in Graz

DIVANOVA 06 – interventionist pratices in art and life that is what she does and what she will do :-) she is a visual artist, but does a lot of performance as well;

Fraenk Zimmer – musician and organizer; i asked him to participate with his phantom orquestra, a pd-driven automated set of (analog) instruments – i mostly asked him to discuss his methondas of development; he also deals with theory of (experimental) music;

Anita Hofer – media artist, musician, videoworker, great with the sewing machine, etc; is planning to do a videodocumented walk though ljubjlana with Maja Pan

Jogi Hofmueller – programmer, sysadmin and tech director of, social and political activist, independent radio worker, etc

Reni Hofmueller – gallerist of ESC, perfomance artist, social and political activist, independent radio worker, etc

Christof Neugebauer, with some of his interactive machines he was bulding; we want to do something with electric resistance, you know these little things one needs when bulding stuff, and he wants to call it “reniphon” :-) aint that nice :-))

… as presented by Reni Hofmueller see here also