Intemediate Spaces should happen twice in a row (with at least a month in-between) in Graz (October) and Ljubljana (in November). Organizers are individuals from associations and institutions that are co-producers of the project. In the best case they are themselves artists, presenting their works. The selection of artists and other participants is based on personal knowledge and evaluation of the local organizers, in the manner so the organizer from Graz is independent to choose their own artists (Austrian or others), that will present their work in Ljubljana and afterwards (or before that) take part in the series of events in Graz. It is the same for Ljubljana. The selection is separate, but on the basis of similar conceptual premises that the creative people of similar profiles meet.

There would be minimally five participants for the whole week of events presenting their works, participating in common activities and not more than (about) ten altogether. Some will take part for a day or two only. It is therefore neccessary that we choose only such topics that we feel quite strongly about. The least problematic seems to be the artistic part, or presentations of sombodies work, some technologic topics could be too specialistic for public (how big is public?). I guess it should all be quite personal and it should represent an active relationship of more than one participant. Also the artist’s works should show some critical point and be engaged on some broader level.

Guest artists have the priority to present their work to maximum with presentations of their ideas. The preferences would therefore be performative and action practices, but not exclusively. To intensify these productions interesting local artists jump in with their projects/ presentations/ performances. One can easily imagine an evening that consists of a series of events – almost like a concert, but with a much less rigid form – not just a simple sequence of people and projects. Maybe in some form similar to a cabaret – with mixed genres: a presnetation of a topic, a debate, a performance, a presentation of some artist’s work, question & answers, presentation of a label, initiative, etc.

If there would be some collaboration among artists from Graz and Ljubljana that would be great. But we should not make it necessary only on the level of self-initiative from individuals.

As one week we (also!) understand five days of work (events), maybe a final culmination on the sixth day and rest on the seventh day. Like Monday to Friday, culmination on Saturday, rest on Sunday.

The host organizers take care that the suitable places of events and the technical needs are satisfied, for an effective strategy of public information service through different media, the organization of suitable sleeping conditions for participants, for day-to-day social relations and establishing discourse, communication and connections among the local and guest participants on formal and non-formal basis. The basic motive is to establish longer lasting individual connections/ relations, that would prolong the effect of this project.

Both sides (Graz, Ljubljana) get about the same amount of finances (and means of production spaces, equipment), but keep it independently. Every side takes care of their participants while abroad (travel costs, transportation, per diem money, honorariums). The places to sleep are provided and organized by the local organizer. So far it looks like both sides will need one performative space and one or two exhibition/gallery spaces (separated or partly separated). The structure of places is somehow different for Graz (ESC) and Ljubljana (Kapelica).