ESC gallery Graz

Here you can observe the spaces of ESC gallery at Jakoministrasse 16, in Graz

and the gallery’s homepage:

ESC has two floors:

The larger first floor is the main gallery space that is divided roughly in:
- a space with more light (the windows that look on the street) and normal ceiling height – a space suited for installations and exhibitions that nedd light.
- a space inside with high ceiling – used for concerts, performances, public debates, projections
- a space in-between is a small bar – a social place.

The second floor is a multimedia computer room that was used for workshops for pd (a software system) group. It is less openly social, but very nice for quiter activities.

There is some possibility also to use a couple of square meters of a “vitrina” on the ground floor. Not for the public events – just for direct (visual) addressing of the passers-by.

Location: (and another map-> open)