Nada Žgank

Nada ?gank is professional photographer who in the past decade has documented almost all the relevant cultural and subcultural events.

She will presnt a set of jazz photos from 2001 to 2006 – documentation of events from mostly Ljubljana, but also elsewhere. It is a 10m by 1m long impregnated roll. It was recently exhibited in Mala galerija of Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana.

Together with Mojca Punger?ar this year they made host of photos from the highway construction site in Slovenia. She will use it as visuals to an improvised audiovisual event joined by other participants, with special appearance by Irena Toma?in who will make an improvised choreography to it. It might be entitled Autobahn (tribute to Kraftwerk…)

Nada ?gank (1967) graduated at Gymnasium Celje in 1986 and finished her studies at Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana in 1995. She took first lessons from photography in primary school and started her professional carreer in the mid-nineties.

As a photographer was involved in the voluntary work in gypsy settlements in Slovenia. Her main inerest and devotion goes to the social field as well as documentary photography from the field of arts and culture. She worked for the various Slovenian newspapers and magazines (Delo Daily, Dnevnik Daily, Deloskop Weekly, Mladina Weekly, Muska, Maska, Ciciban, Media Watch etc.).

For the column Striptiz at Mladina Weekly, she made around 100 set portraits of artists and producers in characteristic situations and ambients, according to the specifics of their work. That experience she considers as a level in developing portrait photography as one of her priorities (covers of Deloskop etc.).
She has documented either for press or production units a big number of performing arts’ festivals in Slovenia or abroad, such as Exodos, City of Women, Druga Godba, Jazz Cerkno, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Salfelden Jazz Festival.

Her works include: photo collection for Technical Museum of Slovenia, Ethnological Museum of Slovenia, promo photography for various performances of Nata?a Tovirac, Nina Me?ko, Andreja Rauch, Valentina ?abro, Dragan ?ivadinov, Slovensko mladinsko gledali??e, Plesni teater Ljubljana.

She’s been co-founder and member of Mementoimage Photo Press Agency, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.