First deadlines

In english (click more for slovene): In the beginning of august Mojca and me met with our Graz partner Reni Hofmueller. Reni named and described participants from Graz, that are of the same variety as Ljubljana participants. Who are they? We also declared two deadlines.

First is 15th of  august, when we have to know when in the week of the Graz event (23. september to 1. oktober) someone will be in Graz – to make the reservations for rooms. It would be necessary also to define more precisely the dates and specifics of presentations, so that it can form a kind of skeleton of the mini-festival.

It became clear that a translator from slovene to english will be needed for the presentation by Bostjan Leskov?ek. Milena Kosec will need an local partner to help her with her public interventions in the streets of Graz.

Second deadline is the 31st august, when we have to have the material for the flyer ready. It should include all the participants, dates and hours, titles, descriptions, other texts… of participants’ most concrete presentations/performances/installations/exhibitions.

Participants lost and found
Lost is Milijana Babi? for reasons of family illness. 

Found is Irena Toma?in, that confirmed her participation for two days.

Lost for physical participation is Chiron Morpheus for reasons of family holidays, but he will try to connect telematically from Greece and present his idea of Ideotop - over the net and onto the screen of ESC.

:end of english

in slovene:

Vas Savskij
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