Borut Savski

I can propose some of my projects, that would be presented as a sort of performances, partly workshops and some even as lectures. My work is a kind of weaving of some knowledge about life (of course) and things through discovering of the relationships that exist among particularities that form a structure that we usually call culture. It is a kind of deconstruction of these (cultural) structures and reconstruction into some new form which is usually an object making movements and producing sounds.

A musical (sound) concert / event of a a band Problemloߠon the opening night of the Intermediate Spaces project. Luka Prin?i?, Matja? Man?ek and Borut Savski. The band would also appear in Ljubljana part of exchange.

This is the simple understanding that people have – the object is either a kind of musical instrument or a kind of a robot. Of course, in the process of reconstruction of basic (quite philosophical) ideas, the work becomes more and more “technical” and even i lose the big picture at times. Without the basic ideas there is no reason that such a thing is built at all. But if the process of mind work (a bit different technology – but still technology) is explained in detail, the audience can relate to these topics very easily.

1. The Public Space (performance)
A gamelike perfromance with pulling the piano wires. It got a name Pulidrat (end of 2003). It is a very exhausting performance (only half an hour) for four people – each one holding their end of the two wires. Wires are connected with a handle and some electronics to amplify and modulate the sound. Pickups are magnets for guitar. The idea behind is the thought that in order to create a working space there must be four parties pulling. Like a large blanket. If one stops pulling, half of the “working area” is lost, if two stop pulling – there is no more “workspace” left. The unfolding of the space can be perceibed as the unfolding of chaotic- undefined relations into something “flat” and with a clear overview is really a tipical human thing to do – a rationalization is a default human situation. For humankind there is always a meaning to anything.

2. The Three Dancers Story: The (original) Dancer (beginning of 2005), Bowlfuls of Sound (september 2005), Water=Life (summer 2006)
presentation / deconstruction

Dancer is a moving object driven by sound, with no other sensory equipment to evade the obstacles, but with an idea that synchronicity of movement and sound produces elegance. There was a lot of problems, but at end it worked quite fine, especially the sound was quite magical, but the movement was never finished in the manner that it was planned. The basic principle was microphony that was picked by Dancer and transmitted back to loudspeaker system. The movement (left-right) is decided by simple comparation of sound pressure in two microphones - the Dancers slopes to one or the other side and – as a vertigo – moves elsewhere.

In september 2005 I (almost) finished two objects (Bowlfuls of Sound) – very alike to Dancer. They are quite elegant, made of acrylic glass and very shiny, even translucent. But again these are no robots – morelikely moving objects or “mobiles”. Since they are round, they can be “sent” around the gallery so that they can be moved, turned around and pushed to other direction by audience. They change sound with their position in space.

This summer another add-on idea emerged that is applied to one of the two bowls of sound: the equation Water=Life. Or: water is life. A bowl filled with some water becomes a complex system, because water is able to add remarkably to the inner inertia of the mechanic system. Namely: the inner mass is no longer fixed in one concentrated point, but it becomes a fluid mass. Hopefully much like meat.

The ideas behind the Dancer are:
- the motivation (= motion; for machines) is the most important,
- the decisions (left or right) is not,
- the sensing of space (obstacles) is not.
- What matters is successful dynamic behaviour.
And the dramaturgy of Dancers “life” is provided just with the sound space that defines the frequency irregularities that provide either simple or very rich microphonies – melodic content.

3. Basic Questions / Temeljna vpra?anja 
an introduction to web-based discoursive project

This project might become a public playground for some innovative thoughts, but it can be just my playground with a bility to create wild associative jumps. A rethinking of the linear printed style of presentation – something that hypertext offered but was reduced to minimum in normal human practice. Therefore: Basic Questions is an associative (non-linear) small system of dynamic layers and keywords. It is also supposed to get a life of its own, but doesn’t have to.